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Wall31 is thrilled to provide an opportunity for artists, designers and amateurs to create their own gallery and sell their artworks and designs both in Ukraine and abroad.


Selling your own artworks.

You can use our store to sell your original artworks (graphics, glass, bags etc) under a commission agreement. Wall31 commission fee is 15% of the final cost of the item.


How does it work?

1. You create your gallery and set up your existing artworks.
2. The customer orders your artwork.
3. You are notified that we have received the order and you are sending the artwork to the customer.
4. Wall31 receives funds from the client and within 7 days will transfer funds to you, minus the commission fee.

Why do we need 7 days? To be sure that the customer will not return your artwork.


Selling products with your design print

If you want to sell T-shirts with your own designs but do not want to print, store, pack and ship these T-shirts, then Wall31 is just the solution you need. You create products with your designs and receive a commission for the sale of each unit of this product. Thus, you do not waste time producing and shipping, do not load your room with unnecessarily printed T-shirts. You earn passive income and do what you probably need - creating new designs.Your sales commission fee is 20% GROSS of the final price (Wall31 will pay taxes 18% + 1,5% out of this amount for Ukrainian authors. Authors will get commission NET).


How does it work?

1. You create your gallery and set up print products.
2. The customer orders the product with your design.
3. Wall31 receives the order, prints and sends the goods to the customer.
4. Within 15 days of the end of the month, Wall31 will pay you a commission fee for using your design in the previous month.


How can you control the number of works sold?

You have the ability at any time to control the work sales through the reports in your account. In addition to the sales report, you will immediately see your income from every sold artwork.


Where can you sell your artworks?

As we work with printing service providers in Ukraine, Europe and the USA - you have the opportunity to sell products with your design all over the world. Customers will receive products with your design from a nearby printing company with a lower delivery costs and time consumption.


What does it take to create a gallery?

It is easy to sign up HERE and to note that you want to be our author. We will review your application and after authorization you may have begun uploading  products for sale.





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