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Personal data and payment security

Processing of personal data


1. Definition of terms


Member of the Wall31 online store (User) Wall31 is a natural person who has entered his personal data to enable the Wall31 online store to properly and timely fulfill the order of this individual.The author of Wall31 is a natural person who entered his personal data to enable Wall31 to place copyright works on the Site correctly and timely, to process orders and to make payments for the specified details of the Author.
Wall31 is a division of WALL 31 LLC. For the provision of activities, Wall31 may engage third-party vendors who will also use Wall31 Users and Authors data to ensure timely execution of orders and settlements. 
Online store - web pages available at the Internet address 

Personal data - data of an individual: Name, gender, address, payment details, etc.;


2. Registration and processing of purchases 


By signing up for Wall31 or executing purchases without registration, you need to enter personal data, as it depends on the completeness and timeliness of your orders. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of our store, you give full consent to WALL31 and its suppliers for the processing of personal data for the proper execution of your orders.


3. Process of personal data processing 


The process of personal data processing includes any actions and/or a set of actions related to the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and distribution (sale, transfer), removal of User's or Author's personal Data in order to provide the services of the Wall31 online store.


4. Transfer of personal data to third parties


Personal data may be transferred to third parties only in cases stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine. The consent of the User to the processing of his personal data does not require the Company additional communications in the transfer of his personal data to third parties in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. 


5. Placement of personal data


User personal data is hosted on servers in Europe and the United States. Wall31 does not place any data on the territory of Ukraine.


6. Change of personal data


The user can change his/her personal data in our online store. If you need help, please contact us using the contact form.


7. Agreement for the processing of personal data


Taking into account this notice, as well as personal data entry in the Wall31 online store at with the corresponding marks in the fields of agreement, User or Wall31 author confirms their consent to the processing of our personal data.


Security of payments   


Payments at Wall31 online store are possible with credit cards. Payment is made through LiqPay and Privat24 services.    

In fact, when you place an order, you will be redirected to the sites of these operators and will not enter any information about your credit cards on our store's website We only use the transaction implementation codes, which are then verified with the receipt of money on our account. 
For more information on security of payments, visit the operators' sites.

In case of any request for the inclusion of your credit card information at, we ask you to contact us immediately using the contact form.



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